4 family activities to become the ‘fun’ parent!

Everyday life is becoming more and more difficult, especially for parents, and the time we can spend with our family is unfortunately less and less.

In trying to balance work and family, we end up not paying enough attention to how to creatively spend time with our family, but that can change now.

Here at EshopWedrop we have 4 fun family activities and everything you need for them that will make the bonding between you and your family unbreakable. So, let's get started.


1. Picnic at the park

Now that the weather is getting better, picnic is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your children.

Here are what you’ll need for the perfect picnic day



2. Baking & Cooking with you kirds

Take your kids in the kitchen with you, cooking or baking something special that you don’t make every day and let them be part of the process. Kids will feel precious and useful , plus the fun that you’ll gain all of you from this special time together is something incredible.

Make baking more fun with all these products we found for you



3. Morning biking

Biking is a great way to get your family outdoors and active this spring. It’ll really help you bonding with your kids and you can create a family tradition like every Saturday morning go for biking and then having picnic at the park.

From baby to big kid, here's what you need to get started this beautiful habit.


4. Movie & Game Nights

What’s better than a game or movie night with the family to happily end a hard & tiring day after work?

Prepare some popcorn and choose movies or board games to spend the funniest evening with your children.

Karaoke is also approved!

Make the funniest night with your kids with a little help from us in EshopWedrop.



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