Make the most of these Summer Deals!

It’s getting warmer!  This means we can get outside and spend more free time with the people who matter the most! A summer vacation abroad may not be possible for all of us this year, however it doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of our home or garden in the sunshine!

The last year has proven to all of us that summer can be enjoyed closer to home! Bringing the beach to your garden is certainly possible!!

We only need to find the right accessories to bring this idea to life! EshopWedrop has you covered this June! To help make it possible to enjoy the delights of a vacation from the comfort of your own home we have created a list of 5 must-have accessories we could all use to transform our home or garden into the ultimate stay at home vacation!


1. Summer Clothes & Beachwear.

Looking extra fabulous is super easy this time of year! Since most of the top brands we all love are offering exciting deals on these items; Summer hats, swimsuits and beautiful dresses are all seeing discounts of around 30% or more!

Summer Clothes / Beach Wear

2. Kitchen & Accessories.

For those who love to be in kitchen, creating delightful dishes from around the world – we have found some of the best deals this June with discounts reaching up to 40% in some retailers! These kitchen appliances and utensils will help to make the time spent in the kitchen even more rewarding! Preparing your favourite delicious meals shouldn’t be a struggle or a challenge this summer!

Kitchen & Accessories

3. Home Entertainment.

There is no reason you can’t enjoy time spent in front of the television. Now it’s not a 5-star hotel but we have located the best bundle deals to help keep a spring in your step! For those cosier evenings when you want to stay at home, we have selected the best offers to transform your lounge into a personal home cinema!

Home Entertainment

4. Fans & Air Control Equipment.

As the weather gets nicer and the temperature starts to rise, preparing for the extra heat indoors can be easily forgotten – Finding a way to keep yourself cooled and refreshed is on our list of must haves this Summer! Whether you’re looking for a classic system, portable fan, or air conditioner – you can get everything you need and more at the lowest prices!

Fans & Air Control Equipment

5. Garden & Toys.

Enjoying your garden in the summer months can be so much fun! Making sure the little ones have an exciting day outside for less is even easier this month! As you know, going abroad can be so expensive and so why not bring the beach into your garden; with these deals it has never been so simple!

Garden & Toys


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EshopWedrop Team.

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