Back-to-School : Get Ready for the New School Year!

As summer days wane and the excitement of a new school year approaches, it's time to start preparing for the return to the classroom. Skip the queues in shops and continue enjoying your summer holiday by having this year’s school essentials ordered online!

Here’s your ultimate guide to back-to-school shopping in the UK, ensuring you find everything you need while enjoying some great deals.


Did you know you qualify to 0% VAT?

In the U.K. all kids’ related products from books, to toys to clothing etc, qualify to 0% VAT! This is a government initiative to ensure all kids no matter their families’ financial background, can have access to all essentials needs for a healthy and life.

You qualify 0% VAT! By using your EshopWedrop UK address, you can also qualify for the 0% VAT exception in kids’ products!

Our EshopWedrop U.K. brand-new warehouse is now operational, ensuring faster order processing and improved stock management. This means you can expect your back-to-school shopping to be more seamless and reliable, with quicker delivery times!


How to get access to the 0% VAT exception?

· Place your orders from any online shop in the U.K you want,

· Use your EshopWedrop UK address on the check out so you automatically access the 0% VAT exception,

· EshopWedrop will deliver your orders to you in Poland with international delivery starts from just 19.90 PLN!





To find more if your products qualify to 0% VAT, we strongly recommend checking the UK GOV article here.


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